Andy Halko

6 Tips To Help You Build Your Marketing Calendar

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Creating a plan for new marketing campaigns can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.  Here are some tips to get the most out of your marketing campaign calendars.

  1. Focus on strategy over tasks
    Managing tasks and projects is important but they are just pieces of a bigger picture. Without an overall strategy, actions will struggle to come together meaningfully. Not having a campaign strategy before starting your campaign is like jumping out of a plane without a parachute and figuring out how to land on the way down. So always make sure to build your calendar with a strategy in mind, then you can focus on the tasks and projects that will accomplish your goal.
  2. Organize by channel
    Traditionally, marketing calendars set forth tasks to be accomplished in the coming weeks, months, or quarters. Within each of those columns you’ll find a jumbled mess of things to do but no real sense of the goals there are accomplishing. When creating your marketing calendar, it’s a good idea to separate your strategy into marketing channels. This will not only help organize your overall strategy, but when you set budgets , you can easily track how much of your budget is being allocated to certain channels (e.g; PPC)
  3. Easy access to assets
    Assuming multiple people on your team use the campaign calendar, you need to make sure they have access to the supplemental information as well. For example, a developer may need to see the new website requirements the client has. You need to have a place to store those assets that’s easily accessible by everyone.
  4. Create personas
    Information often has to travel a long way from the client through client services, account executives, and project managers. By the time it reaches your team, you’re playing a game of broken telephone. By creating personas for your clients’ customers, your team can identify the personalities and roles of your clients’ target market. That way nothing gets lost in translation.
  5. Ask for input
    So you may be in charge of putting together the calendar but your team is the one that’s going to be completing the projects. Following the mantra of “a great idea can come from anywhere”, you need to establish some way of allowing your team to suggest new ideas for the campaign. In addition, it may be useful to allow members in your organization to comment on suggestions, allowing the great ideas to rise to the top.
  6. Crowd source
    Creating a campaign calendar isn’t a task that has to be undertaken alone. Contribution from clients, customers, employees, and partners is crucial in building a calendar everyone can agree on. Your best bet is to survey stakeholders to gather their input and knowledge. This is especially useful when you’re stuck with which direction to take your strategy.

There’s plenty of software already out there to manage tasks and projects, but very few to help you manage your overall campaign strategy. We recommend adding PlanBold to your arsenal of planning tools. It will help supplement your current task and project management software and allow you to focus on the big picture of your marketing strategy.