You need a plan. We make it easy to have one.

Here’s how we do it.

Collect Data

Great marketing starts with having real information. Our survey system lets you get data from employees and customers quickly and easily. See Survey Features

Organize Knowledge

Having marketing info in one place for everyone to access keeps campaigns on target. Store mission, vision, services, target verticals, files and more. See Knowledge Center

Know Your Targets

Smart marketing is based on knowing your target customers inside and out. Build personas to outline their channels, pains, decision factors and more. See Persona Builder

Crowdsource Ideas

Everyone in your organization can post ideas, vote on them and collaborate. The best ideas rise to the top to quickly give you your next big marketing tactic. See Ideas

Make A Plan

Organize tactics by channel, date, budget and more. Drag/drop actions, collaborate, track expenses, and more to manage your marketing strategy across all channels and campaigns. See Plans

See the big picture.

PlanBold allows you to know exactly how each initiative fits into your overall campaign. Make it easy for your clients to see exactly where your time and money is being spent in your marketing plans.

Build smarter strategies.

Use personas, crowdsource new marketing ideas and collaborate to create more powerful marketing strategies that get results.

Keep your team involved.

PlanBolds’ knowledge base and personas allow your entire team from content writers to developers to know everything about your clients target market.

Ditch the Spreadsheets

Excel only goes so far. Collaborate with your team and clients, share ideas, get notified with PlanBolds intuitive interface all while keeping plans, surveys and collateral all in one place.

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