Crowdsource Ideas

Anyone in your organization can post an idea, then the team votes and collaborates to see the best ideas rise to the top.

Have an idea? Share it with your team

Keep your entire teams ideas in one place, even organize by catagory.

You add the idea, PlanBold will inform your team

Good ideas come quick, get your teams immediate thoughts with PlanBolds immediate email notifcations.

Get instant feedback

Each team member can vote on ideas so you know which ones are worth more discussion and which you should toss.

See Evolve your ideas

Use your ideas as a starting point for discussion. Each team member can comment on each idea and help create an action to add to your plan.

Discover new strategies and insights

Use the Ideas with the most votes to create new opportunities and initiatives to work into your marketing plans.

Ideas In Action

See how we pull ideas from the team and get the best ones to stand out.

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