Start your engagements off right and collect the information your entire team needs to know to crush every single project.

Create multi-channel plans for your team and client to follow.

Create, manage, and adjust plans across all channels. Plan initiatives by channel, month, and budget. PlanBold Plans make it easy to see the big picture.

See The Big Picture

See the forest or the trees. View Plans by campaign, personas, or timeframe. Expand to see the how each campaign fits into your marketing strategy.

Keep your plans agile

Marketing Plans change. Planbold makes it easy to edit budgets, actions, and target personas. Drag and Drop actions to keep your plans fluid and up-to-date with your marketing initiatives.

See your results and adjust budget accordingly

PlanBold allows you to see how much you are spending per initiative, which ones are going over budget, and where you are getting value.

Surveys In Action

Watch how surveys work to collect data from your clients and their customers.

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