Andy Halko

How should A CEO impact marketing?

  • Strategic Planning

Obviously, based on the size of your organization, you might have different responsibilities or involvement in marketing. But as a CEO, there are certain things that you should focus on and leave the rest to either your marketing team or an agency.

Here are 5 things CEOs and other executives should focus on to drive marketing.

  1. Use your strategic plan.  
    In my other company, Insivia, I work on my strategic plan constantly, especially my SWOT. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses – and being 100% honest about them – is one of your most powerful tools in creating strong marketing messages and tactics. Combine your SWOT with smart goal development, understanding your market, service offering approach and blue ocean strategy to build a great marketing plan.
  2. Build a strong core.  
    Mission, Vision and Values tend to be one of those things that many new business owners (and even established ones) don’t take much stock in, but they matter a lot. These elements are your compass for everything. Defining them correctly and going back to them to make choices is important. They especially can act as a guide for your entire team as you develop marketing strategies, messages and more. Other elements of your core that come from the ones above should be brand promises, company personality, to live values and personas. These elements are very important to have whenever creating any campaign or tactic.
  3. Allow For risk.  
    We all have different levels of risk tolerance, but marketing shouldn’t be kept on too tight of a leash or else it won’t bring big returns. Personality, honesty, value and the willingness to try new things often yield bigger returns. And that’s not just allowing ourselves to risk, but also the teams that work for us.
  4. Don’t try to be everything to everyone.  
    I see it all the time. Owners want to hit everyone they can and then to save time or money, they use the same tactics or message. That’s just stupid. You need to segment your audiences, focus on the most important, know those people inside and out, then create messages on channels that are only for those people. Stop trying to reach everyone.
  5. Adapt Fast.
    Things are changing fast. Even people that like change and I consider myself one of them, can be left behind. You have to be ready to give up on things that aren’t working (even if it costs you money), jump into new things and listen to people that are closer to the battle than you.
  6. Move fast or get left behind.
    Whether you own a small business or are the leader of a large organization, your job is to set the direction, tone and approach for marketing. If you do these things right and choose great people or agencies, then you will see success.

The only other thing I would add, is create a great product – those sell themselves. Here at PlanBold, we have really focused on creating a product that we know is valuable and powerful – it’s proven to be one of our most successful tactics.