Derek Gales

Why you need Buyer Personas in your marketing plan

  • Insivia

Introduced in the early 2000’s buyer personas were a key strategy for designers to create an experience that connects with their audience. With the globalization of the internet and the constant push towards customized digital experiences, buyer personas are becoming all the more important for marketers and specifically B2B marketers to understand their customers.

Understand your customer behavior. Buyer personas allow marketers to understand exactly who they are speaking to. Once personas are identified marketers can begin to see where there buyers are coming from, what they search for, what social networks they frequent, and what events trigger then to look for your product or service.

Creates a more user friendly experience. Since the beginning Buyer Personas have been used to help designers create an experience that connects with their target audience. Connecting marketing and design can help to create a flawless user experience and connect the dots between design and content for an experience that works for your audience.

Identify differences in global personas. Just because they have the same title doesn’t mean personas in different countries connect with the same message. The internet is creating a global market for companies and a need to identify differentiators across the world will be increasingly important.

The internet experience is becoming custom.  Everything about the web is driving towards custom experiences for end users. Using personas to identify those users and their experiences will help create engagement that is exactly what they are looking for, and where they are looking.

Buyer Personas are a great way to identify your target audience and create a campaign that understands and connects with your audience. Buyer personas should not be created and forgotten- they need to be consistently evolved with new information from current initiatives.

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