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PlanBold Plans FAQ

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You did the research. Now create your plan and execute.

How many different marketing channels can I have?

  • PlanBold Plans allows you to add as many marketing channels as you need. To add additiona channels, select Filter Actions from your plan. Click Manage Channels - from there you can add new channels, rename current ones as well as delete existing channels. Deleted channels with actions can be added to existing channels.

How do I manage my campaigns?

  • Select Filter Actions from your Plan. Click Manage Campaigns from the filter dashboard.  From here you can add, edit, or delete campaigns associated with your plans. Deleted campaigns with actions have the ability to be attributed to other existing campaigns.

What options do I have for filtering my campaigns?

  • Campaigns can be filtered by one or any of the following: campaign, timeframe, as well as by targeted persona.

How do I move Actions if I need to adjust my plan?

  • You can do so one of two ways- Simply drag and drop the action into the area that you desire. Additionally actions can be adjusted by opening each action and adjusting the campaign, channel, and date.

When adding a comment to an action, how are those shared?

  • When members of your team add comments to specific actions, your team will be sent an email notification of the comment.

Can you explain how Budgets work?

  • In each action you have the ability to note how much you or your client have budgeted for each action. Within each action you can add actual spend amounts so your team knows if you were above, below, or right on budget for each action in your plan.

What are the three views I can use for my plans?

  • Calendar View- This is your view by default, it allows you to see each action on the specific day that you are set to deliver it. By hovering over channels, you can see each action associated with that channel.
  • Channel Guide-  The Planbold channel guide allows you to view your campaigns by channel, budget, and month. This is the most used view among Planbold users.
  • List View -  The list view allows you to view initiatives in a timeline layout.


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