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PlanBold Survey FAQ’s

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Looking to utulize PlanBolds integrated survey system? Here are some things you should take a look at:

How do I add questions to my survey?

  • Simply select the type of question you need from the right hand side, drag and drop it into the content section on your left.

How do I edit the content in a question?

  • Once a question has been added to your survey, click the line of text you would like to edit. Next, highlight the default copy that exists and hit delete. This will give you a fresh line to work with. Do not worry about saving, PlanBold automatically saves your work as you go.

For a multi-list question, how do I add additional checkboxes?

  • When creating a mult-list question, or adding a “select one” option, simply type in your first option and hit ENTER or click your mouse. This will automatically add a new option to your list. If you dont need an additonal option, simply leave it blank.

Can I customize the URL for my survey?

  • No, since the surveys are sent directly from the system, each responder will have thier own unique URL.

Is there a limit to how many people I can send a survey to?

  • No, with PlanBold you can send your survey out to as many respondents as you need.

How can I view my survey responses?

  • To view survey responses simply click on “View Responses” from the Surveys page. To view responses to a particular question, select the question from the “View by Question” on the right hand side. To view questions by respondent, click on the users email address.

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