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What is a Strategic Marketing Calendar?

A strategic marketing calendar is a detailed project plan that covers all applicable marketing channels and is displayed by channel, budget, and month. A solid strategic marketing campaign allows you and your team to see exactly what you are doing each month, where your budget is being spent, and how each initiative works in conjunction which each other and towards an overall campaign goal.

Everything on our sample strategic marketing plan is a piece of a bigger picture. Creating a strategic marketing calendar allows you to see the forest, and the trees. Here is an explanation of the campaign we are outlining above:

PPC research is being done and implemented over the first two months.

While the campaigns are being created, landing pages are being designed and coded to drive PPC clicks to. Email content is also being written in order to put opt-ins into an email automation sequence.

After launch, campaigns will be reviewed and optimized over the next few months as well email content and landing page A/B split testing.

Apart from this campaign – a direct mail campaign has been planned and launched over the course of two months. Time and budget has also been allocated bi-monthly to fix any website bugs.

Excel Sheets are for math, PlanBold is for marketing.  Looking for something more interactive?

Planbold is an agile strategic marketing calendar that allows for easy editing and collaboration from your entire team. View budgets, share ideas, and save content all in one place.

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