Andy Halko

The Biggest Problem With Marketers or Anyone Involved In Marketing

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We are self-centered assholes. Ok, so maybe that’s really over the top, but is it that far from the truth? We live in a world where we believe that we are the center of the universe – and how could it be any other way since we can only look out from our own eyes and everything surrounds us. Watch this commencement speech that talks about just that – it’s worth the 20 minutes.

The issue is that when we look at “marketing” – the campaigns we build, the ads we design, the social media we utilize – we look at it from our perspective. Decisions are made based off what we think and feel.

Now, I will say that every once in a while a company will start by determining their target audience or maybe even creating a persona. But these tend to get lost as the process moves on.

If you are a leader, it’s worse. It is reinforced to us that we often have the correct view and the experience to make fast, hard decisions. So when we sit in the room and are presented ideas, our gut takes over and ignores all the important factors.

So, what often happens is that as the day-to-day decisions of marketing happen, the emphasis on what we think grows to outweigh what our audience does.

What is the conclusion?

- First, it’s not about you.

– Second, if you haven’t built detailed audience information or personas – your marketing probably sucks.

-Last, every decision should start with a quick recap of the who and why that is not ourselves.

Leave the ego at the door, it will make you a much better marketer.

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