Andy Halko

The Marketing Telephone Game

  • Marketing Challanges

One issue in marketing is that it does really require a lot of people. Today, the world of marketing is so complex with so many channels, tools, capabilities and more. If you think there are jack-of-all trade type people, I can promise you that they might be good at one or two things, but not everything. So, we really need to have multiple and sometimes a lot of people involved in marketing.

When you get more people involved, it is easier for things to get lost in translation. It’s rare that everyone is in the same room on a regular basis. The scenario is typically that high-level objectives come from the top, move through internal marketing to an agency account team and then through several layers of production before getting to the person actually doing the work.

Now we all know the telephone game. You sit in a circle whispering in the next person’s ear and then this repeats over and over until the last person whispers what they heard in your ear. You told the guy to your right ‘I like mashed potatoes’ and after 8 people the person to your left says to you ‘one road a unicorn up a candy mountain’.

The problem is, that today, our marketing systems work much the same way. The CEO says that he wants to ‘increase leads in the technology vertical’ and the designer at the end of our chain hears ‘more color on the website’ after it has been transferred through 8 people.

Well, we built PlanBold to solve this issue, but I don’t want this to be a sales pitch.

I think the key here is for the top of our marketing system (CEO, CMO, Marketing Manager) to understand that this is really what happens day-to-day. One way to solve it without a system like PlanBold is to implement a lot of procedures and ensure you use agencies that love briefs and documentation.

No matter how you solve it, everyone in the chain of any marketing initiative should be aware of all the information from objectives, to target audiences, personas, other current tactics and everything else.