Visibility Means Happy Clients

  • Agencies

For agencies, results are key to making clients happy, but often a marketing agency overlooks the importance of visibility and communication. Typically, this is also why there are conflicts and issues when working with clients.

It's hard to always put ourselves in our clients shoes, but imagine that hiring a firm for an important aspect of our business such as lead generation. A client is filled with fear - primarily that they will spend money without result, but also because they are letting go control and trusting others with their future. When purchasing other services for a business in operations, even if something goes wrong there is a chance to fix it or make it work. When purchasing marketing, if it doesn't work the business doesn't grow or even contracts.

For marketing managers, they feel like their job is on the line. They chose to work with you and in the back of their head, they fear having made the wrong decision. Plus they have so many responsibilities and expectations from their leadership, that an outside marketing firm is an unknown that could go wrong at any time.

Marketing is also one of those purchases that isn't tangible and has no defined end result. Yes, you can set KPIs and goals, but at the beginning of choosing a firm to work with, it is all a risk.

Agency clients are afraid. And it's important to understand that.

That is why visibility and communication can be a lifesaver - reducing fear, increasing leadership confidence, better results, a smoother process and a client that grows their spend. Providing the ability to clearly see the exact steps and when they will happen over a quarter or year helps everyone on the team feel confident.

Good communication and messaging to know exactly when changes happen or to clarify information reduce the fear that they might miss something.

The key is to be in our clients shoes and look from their perspective. What problems are the dealing with, what is their boss asking them to do, are they so busy it is hard to talk, are they knowledgable about what you are doing for them... these are all good questions to make sure you ask yourself up front.

When you can reduce fear and make a client's life easier, they will love you. It's important to create great solutions, but if the experience while doing it is not great that client will find someone else who makes it better even if the results are the same.