A 10,000 Foot View

Marketing can be really complex. Tons of channels, targets, campaigns, goals, softwares and more.

PlanBold gives you the view of marketing that no other tool can.

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A Central Command

Everyone having online access to the right knowledge and assets plus an easy interface to find info means better results.

PlanBold keeps everything organized and accessible to the team.

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Collaboration & Connection Win

Having a great plan in one place is great, but bringing everyone together in one online platform wins.

PlanBold takes tactics and ideas to a whole new level.

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Businesses With A Written Marketing Plan

Have 30% greater company size, 25% more owner compensation and 50% faster growth.

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PlanBold makes complex marketing simple.

Collect Data

Great marketing starts with having real information. Our survey systems let's you get data from employees and customers.

Organize Knowledge

Having marketing info in one place for everyone to access keeps campaigns on target. Store mission, vision, services, target verticals, files and more.

Know Your Targets

Smart marketing is based on knowing your target customers inside and out. Build personas to outline their channels, pains, decision factors and more.

Crowdsource Ideas

Everyone in your organization can post ideas, vote on them and collaborate. The best ideas rise to the top to quickly give you your next big marketing tactic.

Make A Plan

Organize tactics by channel, date, budget and more. Then drag/drop, collaborate, track expenses and more to manage your marketing startegy.